The Most Common Complaints About Uniform And How To Handle Them

You’re never going to have a work uniform which goes down 100% with everyone. There will eventually be a member of your staff who raises a complaint about the outfit, and this isn’t as bad a problem as you think. While the best answers to these questions may elude some people, we’re going to be looking at how best you can respond to these kinds of questions, in such a way that puts employees to rest and makes you seem more in control of the situation.

My uniform is uncomfortable

One of the most common complaints, you may well get a member of your staff who said that their suit is uncomfortable to wear for a long time, or it isn’t a good fit for them. Now, fitting all of your employees is severely not practical when you have a lot of workers, you could very well take a look at making the next lot of uniform out of a more comfortable material. Or, if you’re working in overalls, allow them to wear their clothes underneath, to act as both a layer to keep them warm and to make sure they’re more comfortable.

My uniform doesn’t allow me to express myself adequately

Now this one is a little bit more tricky. While it is the fundamental right of people to express themselves in the manner they see fit, it is often harder to balance that with the standards of the image that you’re trying to present to the public. Compromise is the best way forward here, offering them the ability to mix it up a little, and maybe add their choice of coloured accessories, or readjusting the policy slightly will ensure that they can work as well as they can, and you’ve solved the problem which is being faced when it comes to not being able to express them.

I don’t have enough of a uniform

This can be a major problem when you have people who are going to be interacting with dirt and grime all day because the outfit will eventually need washing. A common complaint is then that there is not enough of a uniform to go around. You can solve this by buying the dress in bulk, as opposed to when you need it. This is because a lot of suppliers will offer discounts when it comes to bulk buying, and you’ll ensure that you’ve always got enough to give to workers. Overall, these are just a few of the common complaints that you’ll face with a uniform. As an employer, compromise and finding real solutions is rapidly becoming the best way to handle these kinds of situations. People respond in a better way to someone taking them seriously and looking into their request, as opposed to just ignoring the problem or dismissing it. By interacting with your workforce, you’re creating a better relationship, and in turn being able to drive productivity up. And as a last note, why not introduce a ‘casual Friday’ or some other day in the office, where there is no uniform? You’d be giving people a chance to wash their uniform, and also express themselves, so it’s a win win scenario. Also, if you happen to find a supplier that you are totally happy with, it is worth finding out if they offer casual wear too. Many suppliers will also have clothing lines in other markets and may supply some shops too such as Dynasty who retail prom dresses in London. This could be an added perk for your employees by offering them a discount which comes from the supplier.